Painless Tax Prep

Get your tax work prepped and ready to be filed in as little as 2 hours.

And likely save some money on your tax bill.


File your taxes without the panic. 

I’ve been an accountant since I was 15.

I’ve also been an online entrepreneur for 7 years. What I know from all of these years of work is that the biggest fear around doing your taxes, and why people procrastinate about it, is the great fear of being audited.


That fear of being audited can cause a lot of fear around how you handle your money and taxes in your business. (AKA ignore it all.)


What I also know from my years of experience, is that if you just do a little work, and have organization around your finances, your taxes can actually be painless. Heck, you might even be proud of yourself for paying taxes. (It actually means you made money. Congrats!!)



Let me say that again, just to make sure you heard me correctly.

You can have a stress-free, painless tax season. Yes, even as a business owner. 


Let me show you how in my short and painless program, Painless Tax Prep.


After you spend a couple of hours with me in this program you will: 


  • Have all of your finances organized within 4-5 sheets of paper to either submit yourself, or hand over to your tax preparer to file for you. That’s right. After you work through this program with me by your side, you and your tax information will be collected and ready to submit. No stress. Small, simple, doable actions. 
  • Once you do this the first time, you’ll be ready to go year after year. 
  •  I’ll show you how to get organized so that next year, you’ll have to do even LESS WORK!
  •  Understand your taxes and how they impact your business without long, boring trainings. I totally geek out about numbers and tax information, but I know you probably don’t. So I make this clear and simple. 
  • Even if you don’t like numbers or feel overwhelmed and frustrated around tax time, I’ve got your back. You can do this!
  • A small $399 investment will serve you for years to come.
  • Stop waiting until April to get everything organized. Get prepared ahead of time to save the most valuable resources you have – time, money and energy. 
  • Use this program to save hundreds on your tax accountant. Get this work ready ahead of time to save hundreds in the future. 

Here’s how I make all of this happen:

  • In depth training videos and worksheets to guide you through my repeatable process.
  • Stop and start the videos to work alongside what I’m doing, at your own pace to complete your tax prep work. 

Specifically, I will show you: 

  • What you need to include in your tax prep process
  • What deductions you can take in your business (and what you’ll be risking if you take expenses that aren’t allowed)
  • How to get organized and actually streamline your tax prep
  • How to know how much you owe in taxes before the year is even over
  • How to gather the key info you need without piles of paperwork
  • What systems you can implement to make tax prep easier, year after year
  • In depth guide on tax deductions and accompanying cheatsheet (value $97)


Tax Prep Power Pack ($67 value)

  • All of the cheatsheets that you need to make the extra deductions (like the home office deduction, mileage deduction and even your business information) quick and easy for you to prepare. 

Save More or Pay More: Which is the Best Legal Structure for You?  ($197 value)

  • Masterclass to help you understand which is the best legal structure for you and your business and why this decision is so important to your business. 

Do you need to file 1099’s in your business? 

  • The IRS expects you to know that you should be issuing and filing 1099’s. Let’s discuss when and why these are needed and how you can easily know if you need to use these in your business. 

Estimated Tax Payments: Do I even have to? 

  • Do you really need to make estimated tax payments? What if you don’t make these payments? 

Private Facebook Group

  • Get all of your questions answered by Clarissa quickly.  

Stop waiting to get everything ready. 

Get prepared ahead of time!



Hi! My name is Clarissa and I am a former government tax auditor. I spent 6 years auditing businesses just like yours every day. But I also own my own online business and am a total geek for the numbers and accounting and financial information. 


I want to make tax season quick and easy and even painless for you. I know taxes are a major stressor for most people and even more so for business owners.


You aren’t sure what counts as a deduction or where to even start with your tax prep. Well, worry no more! I got you covered with this course.


I know you can do this and you can be confident that you do it with ease too.


Client Love:

Know how to gather the key documents you need and what those key documents are that will make tax prep easy for you.

As a self-employed person, know exactly what you need to have and how to even save some extra money come tax time.

Create a system that will make tax prep easy year after year.

Get the Painless Tax Prep course today! Go into the new year knowing that you have everything you need already organized and prepared for tax season. 

Stop waiting until April to get everything ready.

Frequently Asked Questions


Will I still owe taxes after I use this course?

I honestly can’t answer that question for each person. I would have to spend time diving deep into your business and all of your tax prep work to know if you do owe taxes or not. But when you complete the work in the workshop, you will know exactly what you need to do to figure out if you owe taxes or not.


Is there any 1:1 time with you in this course?

No. There is not. You can purchase 1:1 access with me separately and you’ll get access directly to me for 1 hour (or more if you book it) to ask any and all questions and get your answers.


What if I don’t know if I have a business or a hobby?

In this course, there is an in depth worksheet for you to make sure you have a business. But if you made money at all this year, you still need to report to the IRS. The difference between them will be whether or not you get to deduct your expenses.


What will I get with my purchase today?

You will get an email with access to the membership portal and the full program available to you. 


What if I have questions after I get the course that aren’t answered in the course?

Send me an email! Your business success is my dream and I am very invested in your business success. Questions? Send them my way.  If you have a question, someone else most likely has the same question, but is afraid to ask it.


Will this course help me with my personal taxes?

Not exactly. This course is meant for your business tax prep. You need your business tax information before you can file your personal taxes though.


Will this still work if I am in another country?

It may. But it is not likely. I am located in the USA. I understand the US tax laws. When it comes to your business finances, the differences that come into play are with taxes. Yes every country has to pay taxes, but the way they are paid and the things that are taxed are different in different countries. 


How long do I have access to this course?

How does lifetime access sound? Yep, anytime I upgrade or add to this course, you will get it automatically!