The right financial professionals can actually help you be more successful

Discover what questions you should be asking when hiring and when working with a financial professional, whether this be a bookkeeper, accountant or CFO.

Even if you’re scared or overwhelmed.

Financial professionals should be long term for your business, not a one and done situation. When you hire the right one in the beginning, your business will be much more successful.

Get the hiring guide today and: 

  • Get a handy list of questions you should be asking when hiring a financial professional
  • Have a better understanding of what certain financial professionals do to help your business with better financial success 
  • Feel confident that you are are hiring the right financial professional early on in your business

With the Bookkeeping Checklist, you will know your numbers at any given moment AND you’ll be setting your business up for greater success.

Clarissa is an accountant and financial strategist for online business owners to help them make the accounting and bookkeeping tasks easy to understand and help you be able to grow your business and discern your numbers in your business. She is a former government tax auditor, who now makes sure that her clients are prepared ahead of time for an audit or are able to avoid an audit in their business.

Her goal has always been to help creative entrepreneurs understand how to manage the money in their business in an easy to understand manner without having to get an accounting degree (because who has time for that?!).