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Audit proof your business

If you are self-employed, you want to do everything you can to make sure the IRS never sends you a letter that you are getting audited.

 OR that something you do in your business can just get red flagged for their system. 

Get FREE access to the Business Finances 5 Day Bootcamp today and start the process of putting protection in place for your business finances. 

Here’s what you get inside this 5 DAY BOOTCAMP: 

  • Know exactly what you need to do with your business finances to have everything set up to work FOR you in your business
  • Find out my favorite tools for managing your business money so you can use your numbers to grow your business
  • Discover how you can protect your business from an audit so that you don’t have this stress always looming over your head
  • Steal the tricks from a former government tax auditor to properly manage your business finances
  • Learn your business finances in plain English, not accountant speak so that you actually know what you’re doing without needing an accounting degree

NOTE: Following this bootcamp will not guarantee that you will not get audited, but it will make an audit go smooth and easy.

Join this 5 day free bootcamp today!

Clarissa is an accountant and financial strategist for online business owners to help them make the accounting and bookkeeping tasks easy to understand and help you be able to grow your business and discern your numbers in your business. She is a former government tax auditor, who now makes sure that her clients are prepared ahead of time for an audit or are able to avoid an audit in their business.

Her goal has always been to help creative entrepreneurs understand how to manage the money in their business in an easy to understand manner without having to get an accounting degree (because who has time for that?!).