The right financial professionals amplify your business’s success

Do you have the right professionals helping you in your business?

You don’t need an accounting degree to run the financial department of your business, but you do need to understand the main accounting terms, how they affect your business and how the accounting professionals can actually help your business and what they do.

The schedule is as follows: 

October 9: 1pm Eastern time – Your Financial Statements

October 10: 12pm Eastern time – Bookkeepers

October 11: 10:30am Eastern time – Accountants

October 12: 11am Eastern time – CFOs

October 13: 3pm Eastern time Live Q&A 

Many business owners tend to think they need a CPA to help handle the accounting in their business. But this is just miseducation. 

CPAs usually have a super specific focus on what they are doing – think filing tax returns, helping you with dealing with audits, the government and IRS, among other things. 

But when you own a business, there is much more to your accounting than the work that a CPA does and you don’t always want to pay the rates of a CPA to get the answers to your questions. 

In this FREE masterclass, I am going to explain the most important financial gibberish you come across, as well as the 3 main accounting professionals that you will most likely work with in your business. 

Then we will end with a Live Q&A based on any questions that came up from the other sessions.

Clarissa is an accountant and financial strategist for online business owners to help them make the accounting and bookkeeping tasks easy to understand and help you be able to grow your business and discern your numbers in your business. She is a former government tax auditor, who now makes sure that her clients are prepared ahead of time for an audit or are able to avoid an audit in their business.

Her goal has always been to help creative entrepreneurs understand how to manage the money in their business in an easy to understand manner without having to get an accounting degree (because who has time for that?!).