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Financial Empowerment

Welcome to our Courses and Workshops page! As a seasoned bookkeeper and passionate advocate for financial literacy, I’m thrilled to offer you a range of tailored courses and workshops designed to demystify the world of numbers and empower you with essential financial skills. 

Whether you’re a small business owner seeking to streamline your bookkeeping processes or an individual looking to gain a better understanding of personal finance, our interactive sessions will provide you with practical knowledge and actionable insights. Join me on this journey to financial empowerment!


Accountant in Your Pocket Club

Change How You Look At Your Business

You have accounting and bookkeeping questions in your business. But you haven’t yet found someone who can answer these questions for you in plain English that you can actually understand. 


Look no further and join the Money Club today! Get your accounting and bookkeeping questions answered every week during the club office hours. 

Bookkeeping Toolkit

All You Need To Know

This toolkit helps you know all the things you need to know in your business to know you are doing your business bookkeeping correctly. You may be at a place where you aren’t yet ready to hire someone to help you, but you know you need to do your bookkeeping, or you’ll end up paying much more than just hiring a professional. 


In this toolkit, you’ll be able to fully understand your business finances and know you are doing things correctly.

CFO Starter Toolkit

Be A CFO Once and For All

As a one person show in your business, you wear all the hats. Those hats include being the CFO of your business. But numbers and spreadsheets and calculations aren’t your thing. 


Well, lucky for you, I created this FREE CFO toolkit that can help you get started with being a CFO in your business once and for all. Oh and you can actually look like you know what you are doing with this toolkit!

90 Day Biz Financial Planner

90 Day Plan

Everyone tells you that you have to plan out your year in advance. But for some people, planning for a whole 365 is HARD. I found that planning for 90 days at a time was much easier. 


And since it was so much easier, I decided to share my template for planning for 90 days at a time with this FREE business finances planner.

Business Budget Workshop

Gide To Help You Be More Effecient 

Budgeting isn’t just saying where you CAN spend money. It’s actually putting a plan in place so you know where your money is going before you get it. This plan also helps you plan ahead for taxes and big spending. 


A budget is an end all plan, it’s a guide. A guide that actually helps you run your business more efficiently so you don’t run out of cash.

Painless Tax Prep

How To Get Your Business Ready For Tax Time

Stop worrying about whether or not you are ready to file your taxes and if you are doing things correctly in  your business or not. 


In this course, you’ll learn all the strategies and tactics to make sure your business finances are ready for tax time and you are doing things the right way. 

Year End Financial Checklist

Prepare Your Business Tax The Right Way

Every year, you have to file a tax return for your business. When you aren’t an accountant, knowing what is needed for that tax return can be like shooting at a moving target in the pitch black dark – you really have no idea. 


This FREE checklist will get you started on exactly what is needed to prepare your business tax return the right way. HINT: This checklist can be used all year long, not just for tax time purposes. 

Expense Deduction Guide

Make Your Online Business Accounting Stress-free

Make Your Online Business Accounting Stress-free, Rewarding, and most importantly Profitable…

With this FREE Expense Deduction Guide, you will:

  • Discover the items you can take as a deduction legally.
  • Learn how to figure out if something is a deduction, even if it isn’t included in this guide and your accountant doesn’t quite understand your business. 
Managing the Money in Your Business

Mastering Financial Management

Effective financial management is essential for business success. Without it, your business is at risk, facing challenges like struggling with expenses and payroll. However, mastering financial management can lead to sustainable growth.


Join our mastercourse to explore key topics like financial principles, salary and tax management, and optimizing cash flow. Plus, receive invaluable resources for crafting effective financial systems. Secure your business’s future with us.

Managing the Cash Flow in Your Business

Effective Cash Flow Training

Your business should alleviate financial stress, not exacerbate it. Yet, the constant pressure to buy this or invest in that only adds to your burden. What if you could increase profits without the headache? Without sufficient revenue, your business risks sinking before it even sets sail.

Effective cash flow planning is the linchpin for executing marketing strategies that yield desired returns. And with this tool, you can achieve marketing consistency and drive more revenue into your business, all while refining your messaging and copy for maximum impact.

Mastering 1099’s

Clear Insight Into 1099’s Functions

Get your hands on “Mastering 1099’s” today! Gain clear insight into how 1099’s function within your online business, minus the unnecessary complexity and filler. Ensure you’re handling 1099’s correctly, free from confusion, overwhelm, or bewildering accounting terminology.

Are digital products taxable?

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Sales Tax Crash Course

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Paying Yourself Toolkit

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Hiring & Paying a Team

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