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  • Learn to calculate how much to pay yourself to ensure that you’re covering all your bases.
  • Get access to a quick and easy calculator to determine how much you need to sell in order to reach your revenue goal for the week, month, quarter, or year!
  • Find out how to price your services in your business to reach your business revenue goals.
  • Get access to a guided compliance checklist for your business finances to help you steer effortlessly through the tax season without the fear of an audit.
  • Get access to a resource roundup full of links to the best programs, tools, books, online resources, and my personal recommendations of bookkeeper, tax pro, or attorney to help you with your business finances.

About Clarissa

Clarissa is a former government tax auditor, an accountant, and a financial strategist for online business owners.

 As the founder of Nerdy Number Lovers and a reputed name in the personal finance industry, she has helped hundreds of coaches and online business owners across the US get their finances right and avoid an audit in their business by preparing for the tax season ahead of time.

Through her online coaching and financial mentorship, she’s dedicated to helping authentic entrepreneurs and business owners gain financial clarity and make their accounting and bookkeeping tasks easy, understandable and stress-free.